Welcome to the

Wiggler's Community

Welcome to the

Wiggler's Community

Our Story


Food waste is one of the challenging problems faced in Singapore and the amount of food waste has continued to grow by 20% for the past 10 years. At we aim to create a circular economy revolving around our fresh worm castings. Starting from the local fresh produce waste fed to our worms, generating fertilizer, and right back to the gardens! Our worm facility is located in the central of Singapore and we work with the community all around! So, we can guarantee that our product is made locally and made with 100% love and care.

What do we do?

At, we work with African Night Crawlers to compost unsellable produce from local wet markets, into our organic worm castings! We work closely with the community to facilitate our process; as well as offer educational programs through our workshops and partners with schools!


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91 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769201

+65 91050105 / +65 82615718

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