Who are we?

Wigglers.co is a company that aims to tackle the issue with food waste in Singapore. At Wigglers.co we aim to create a circular economy revolving around our fresh worm castings. Starting from the local fresh produce waste fed to our worms, generating fertilizer, and right back to the gardens!


Why are we doing this?

Food waste is one of the challenging problems faced in Singapore and the amount of food waste has continued to grow by 20% for the past 10 years. With this project, we hope to help reduce the amount of food waste in Singapore, starting from wet markets.

How are we doing this?

The process of vermicomposting (worm composting) is done at our worm farm located at

Ground-Up Initiative! 

Food waste is collected from wet market stall owners, to be processed and fed to African Night Crawlers. By feeding our worms, they help to generate healthy worm castings which are perfect for fertilizing your plants! 


To raise awareness of food waste and bring the community together in our project

Our Journey


To be leading organisation that helps in tackling food waste in Singapore and inspiration for the community to take actions in saving the environment

Square Stage

Our Partners



Pasir Ris Zone 10 

Located in a community garden. Our small team began to experiment with vermicomposting as well as getting to know the community! We shared our knowledge on composting and got the gardeners involved in churning better soil for their plants.


Pasir Ris Zone 1

We began to bring in lots of unwanted produce at nearby markets for our pre-compost and worm bins. Working with the community gardeners as well as wet market vendors.



91 Lorong Chencharu

Partnering with Ground-up Initiative. At GUI we are able to produce more worm castings, collect more food scraps, as well as conduct workshops to educate the public on food wastage and vermicompost!